Multi-inputs multi-outputs model support

Hi Dastin,
Could you please let me know whether Edward support multi-inputs multi-outputs neural networks?

Could you describe what multi-input/output is? Generally speaking, if the generative process can be described then you can write an Edward program for it. For example, multi-class classification would use a Multinomial distribution for the output.

So so sorry for my bad explanation, and of course, I certainly know what you explained.

Consider conditional variational autoencoder where we have two inputs as an example of multi-inputs multi-outputs.

Multi-inputs multi-outputs means you have multiple datasets as inputs and want to learn multiple neural networks simultaneously.

Does it clear now? :slight_smile:

Thanks man, but I meant something completely different. :wink:

let me explain by an example, can we use Edward to solve conditional variational autoencoder where we have two inputs in our model?

Hi Dustin,
Do you have any idea to model conditional variational autoencoder by Edward? I mean to model multi-inputs multi-outputs Keras model by Edward.