Von Mises distribution


We need the univariate von Mises distribution on the circle for a model that concerns angles (for protein structure prediction). The von Mises distribution does not seem to be provided currently by Edward/Tensorflow.

Before we start developing a von Mises class ourselves - is anybody working on this or does anybody have a working implementation? Any advice is welcome - notably on how to handle a periodic distribution such as the von Mises.



Thomas Hamelryck

Hi there, firstly, Iā€™m new to Edwardlib but will slowly start learning this package since pymc4 will migrate to TF (happily) and be using this package. I am in need of modelling wrapped quantities myself and have found a TF implementation of von mises fischer. https://github.com/nicola-decao/s-vae. You can adapted to simple von mises if you like. https://github.com/nicola-decao/s-vae.