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Hey guys, thanks for your great work on edward. I was wondering maybe the following friendly suggestion would be a good idea. I think in the of the github page it should also be stated which version of tensorflow, keras, tfslim, etc… does edward play nice with according to it’s release version?


Good idea. This is available on the website ( However, it’s a common pain point for first-time users, so maybe we should make it more upfront as you suggest?

Yeah, after spending a couple of minutes myself trying to find that info I agree that would be more useful even of old timers, nowadays installing 100s of libraries u tend to forget what was the latest version and what is already installed in you system. A simple link to the troubleshoot page with the labels reflecting the requirements (e.g. tensorflow, keras version, etc… -> link) would be more than enough :slight_smile:

Well, it’s linked to from the getting started, where we explain how to install Edward.

Version numbers on the frontpage might be unnecessary as it’s an overview. Do you have suggestions for how to make this clearer? Does changing the line

See the troubleshooting page for detailed installation instructions.


See the troubleshooting page for Edward's dependencies and more details.


Yeah definitely it’s more clear that way with the corrections. Maybe also you wanna consider just putting the link in the on github at the Resources section towards the end like this

Edward website
Edward Forum
Edward Gitter channel
Edward releases
Edward papers, posters, and slides
Edward troubleshooting and dependencies

just saying.

Done in

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