Status of Edward given Edward2 / TensorFlow Probability

Hi! Is project Edward still being maintained, or has dev work shifted to Edward2?

Also, should this forum be used for questions about Edward2 or should that occur elsewhere (e.g.

Let me know if any help is wanted migrating the examples. It would be great for the community to have these examples work with the latest version of TensorFlow and Edward2. (It’d also be a good learning exercise for me :wink: ).

Thanks for the guidance,

William Grisaitis

Unfortunately no re:maintenance. I have my hands tied across quite a few systems and research projects. I recommend TF’s stack overflow and

When the NIPS camera-ready for Edward2 is released, more details should be available. In the meantime, there’s documentation here:

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Thanks for the reply, Dustin!

What scope will be covered by the paper? Anything beyond what’s here, ported?